FTP Mirrors

The primary FTP site ftp.gnupg.org is mirrored at several sites. Please choose the nearest mirror to you. If you are seeking for web site mirrors, please consult the WWW mirror page .

Country Organisation Links Sync
The Americas      
Canada GnuPG.ca ftp 2/day
Japan Ring ftp http  
Austria TU Wien ftp http  
Denmark dotsrc.org ftp http daily
Germany Artfiles New Media GmbH http daily
Hungary CrySyS Lab., Bute ftp daily
Ireland HEAnet ftp http rsync 4/day
Netherlands BIT ftp  
  SurfNet ftp  
Romania Romanian Edu., Iasi Branch ftp  
United Kingdom mirror.tje.me.uk ftp http 4/day
  UK Mirror Service ftp http rsync