Supported Systems

NB: The information in this page is heavily outdated. GnuPG works very well on almost all 32 and 64 bit platforms.

GnuPG works fine on GNU/Linux with x86, alpha, mips, sparc64, m68k or PowerPC CPUs. (x86 is the primary development system, the other CPUs are only checked from time to time.)

It compiles okay on GNU/Hurd but because Mach has no random device, it should not be used for real work. Work is underway to add an random device.

FreeBSD with x86 CPU works fine.

There are pre-compiled packages for OpenBSD on: alpha amd64 arm hppa i386 m68k m88k powerpc sparc sparc64 vax. We're certain it works fine in i386, and suppose that on the others too.

NetBSD works fine (x86 CPU?).

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP with x86 CPU works fine (you need a special setup to build it).

64 bit versions of Windows are NOT supported. The source may build but there is no guarantee that the resulting binaries do what you expect them to do. We plan to work on it, iff there are enough requests for it.

MacOS X is also supported; please see for detailed information.

A port of GnuPG to VMS is available at

Other OSes

GnuPG compiles and runs on many more systems, but due to the lack of a well tested entropy source, it should be used with some caution. We have positive reports on these systems:

  • AIX v4.3
  • BSDI v4.0.1 with i386
  • HPUX v9.x, v10.x and v11.0 with HPPA CPU
  • IRIX v6.3 with MIPS R10000 CPU
  • MP-RAS v3.02
  • OSF1 V4.0 with Alpha CPU
  • OS/2 version 2
  • SCO UnixWare/7.1.0
  • SunOS, Solaris on Sparc and x86
  • USL Unixware v1.1.2