Commercial support

As part of the GNU project, GnuPG is community developed, and everyone is welcome to contribute under certain conditions. Some companies are offering paid services to meet specific needs. This page contains links to companies that wishes to announce their interest in working with GnuPG and related software.

The information on this page comes from companies who asked to be listed; we do not include any information we know to be false, but we cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct. Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here. We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of any specific person. We provide this list to enable you to contact service providers.

Privacy training

The companies listed here provide mainly non-technical training and consulting on secure communication.

La Boussole, Ile-de-France, France
La Boussole is a cooperative organization based in France. It brings together academic scholars and trainers who run training sessions on digital issues (privacy protection, environmental impact, social and political insights of IT, and the promotion of commons), but also on media, cooperative teamwork, and fight against discrimination. Our pedagogy is rooted in non-formal education (so-called "éducation populaire"), which aims at accompanying individuals and groups towards emancipation.

Technical support

The companies listed here provide mainly technical support and consulting., Düsseldorf, Germany
Offers commercial grade support, customized development, porting to new platforms, help with integrating GnuPG into customer projects, code audits, and more. is a brand of g10code GmbH; owned and run by GnuPG´s and Gpg4win´s principal authors.
Simon Josefsson Datakonsult, Stockholm, Sweden
Offers integration of OpenPGP technology in TLS, Kerberos, e-mail, and SASL. Does customized development, porting to new platforms, and more. Simon Josefsson Datakonsult is owned and run by the principal author of Shishi and GNU SASL, and the maintainer of GnuTLS .
Intevation GmbH, Osnabrück, Germany
Offers management of development or deployment projects based on or including GnuPG and related tools. Sample references are project "Ägypten" which developed a S/MIME solution and "Gpg4win" which developed a easy-to-use Windows Installer für E-Mail encryption tools. Intevation takes over project and quality management. We usually team up with g10 Code who perform all developments. Intevation offers this type of management for any type of Free Software application and has a long record of doing so.
IKTech, Vienna, Austria
Offers independent consultancy and systems integration services for PGP-based PKIs & architectures, OpenPGP, GnuPG and integration with X.509v3 PKIs. IKTech also provides legal expertise and expert witness testimony regarding the legal implications of PGP deployments and use in the context of European Union electronic signature legislation.

How to get listed

Before we will list your name on this page, we ask that you agree informally to the following terms:

  1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution of any software, documentation, or other technical information you supply anyone in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting free software. This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the use of free software.
  2. You will not take advantage of contact made through this page to advertise an unrelated business (e.g. sales of proprietary information). You may spontaneously mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

To have your information added to this list, please send mail to service-listing at The entries are listed in the order we receive requests. We might eventually divide the list up by geographic location or type of service.